Fischer and Thanksgiving

Kukla’s Korner (syndicated on LJ at kuklas_korner) has been keeping good track of updates on Jiri Fischer’s condition. I’ll just say that it is wonderful that he is well. These incidents are especially scary, and it was proper that Monday’s game was postponed. Of course, we all look forward to tonight’s game against the Avs. Granted, the rivalry isn’t as exciting as it was in the 90s, but I expect a great game, especially from the Wings players with them knowing Fischer is okay.

Tonight, I drive down to my mom’s after seeing her last night in Kalamazoo. We were visiting our longtime neighbor from when we lived on Howland Avenue in recognition of her 80th birthday. Then we both went to BW3, where Mom got to meet a few of my friends. She was quite candid with them, a little too much for my comfort. But then, what can I do? We’ll have Thanksgiving dinner over at my only remaining grandparent’s house. Turkey and either roast beef or Swiss steak. It should be yummy.

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