I tried Gmail’s new mobile interface, and it doesn’t seem to work for my phone yet. This is a bummer, because so many of Google’s other tools work fine on my phone’s browser. Of course, if it’s like Yahoo’s, which stripped my apostrophes, I wouldn’t type many mail messages using the mobile interface anyway.

Either today or tomorrow, I need to start shopping. I think I’ll only buy for immediate family this year, since there is so little time left, and I wouldn’t begin to know what to get friends and extended family anyway. It’s hard enough just to come up with gifts for Mom, Dad, and Adam (especially Adam). Of course, I don’t really know what I want, but gift cards always go well with me. I got one for Bed Bath & Beyond from my Christmas party, and already I see things that I didn’t think they had that might be cool to have.

Sure, the Colts won’t have a perfect season, but getting a loss out of the way now could be the best thing for them, since they had the AFC wrapped up. I’m really pulling for them this year, because the Lions never had a chance to play a Super Bowl in their building. Like Larry said, 4-12 is a good possibility for them.


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