Playing a 2000+100 PokerStars tourney…what have we so far?

What a dope!
Made big on a dead man’s hand.
The fours hold, and I double up! I’m 255 out of 1296 remaining at the first break.
Flushed by the river! Fortunately, I had it covered.
Pushed in with the sevens, but lost the race to finish 553rd

I admit on that last hand that I was hoping for a laydown, but felt confident if I did get a call. It looked bleak when the caller flopped a diamond draw and gutshot straight draw, as the odds actually went in his favor despite my lead. The turn missed, but then I got smacked by that river. Still, out of 4000 total entrants, winding up 553rd isn’t too bad. Most of the time, the play was rather loose, so there wasn’t much opportunity to steal blinds early. I was able to steal a couple times after that bad beat against the nines, but those times I had pretty good hands (obviously I’ll never post hands on Pokerhand that don’t go to a showdown).

The Arrested Development finale wasn’t as great as I would have liked, but some of the twists were interesting to say the least. It was written as if it wouldn’t get picked up again, which will make it interesting what will happen if it does get picked up by another network. I would hope ABC would get it, since really, when was the last time you heard of a good half-hour comedy on ABC? It would work on Showtime, but I don’t want to have to shell out extra.


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