Send money through SMS? It sounds as if it could take off

I thought it a little crazy at first, but this is an idea that could take off if it is marketed in the right way. It is called TextPayMe, and its premise is simple—you can send money to friends, acquaintances, bookies, etc. using text messaging. Although from what I’ve seen, you still have to use a computer internet connection to sign up for an full account, but if you do, the service will give you $5. Granted, you have to acquire what they call “TPM Points” in order to withdraw that free money, but this is done by referring people. I found out about it from Chris Pirillo’s blog. Plus, TextPayMe is running a promotion that awards an Xbox 360 to anyone who acquires 360 points (36 referrals) before March 18. How’s that for a viral marketing strategy?! ;p So go and at least sign up, and maybe some day our transactions will be handled by whipping out our phones (as if we needed another reason) instead of handling huge wads of cash or writing checks.

In other news, I’m getting more of my own work! This should prove interesting.


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