Finally have a chance to play some online poker ($3+0.30 tourney highlights!)

Thankfully, he only had AK. (aka, the awesome check-raise)
This was the third time out of five that I got A5. (just before first break outage described below)

We get this message 29 minutes into the tournament:

Administrator: All tournaments have been manually paused and will resume in approximately 15 minutes. This is due to planned Internet routing changes being made. These are out of our control and to ensure smoothly run tournaments we decided to pause them until routing changes are completed.

I knock out a player with the hand Phil Ivey hates!
Dude! I should’ve smooth called.
(will blog less now, because now I’m also playing the 3:00 Hubble’s freeroll)

I guess I’ll take the time to tell of an interesting Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 9-player sit and go I had on FTP. When it got down to three players, the other two must have checked the “Fold to any bet” option and took off. Needless to say, I took the easy win.

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