I think I’m beginning to like limit stud!

Just on a whim, I decided to get into one of the freeroll limit stud tournaments after blowing that $3+0.30 no limit hold ’em (and later the Hubble freeroll).  Right now, I’m 7th out of 223 remaining players at the second break, and the top 24 players get to advance to what PokerStars calls the Weekly Round 2, which is a tourney with a $1,000 prize pool that has a rotating variant each week.  This afternoon’s variant happens to be limit Omaha hi/lo.  In order to make these Weekly Round Twos, one has to finish in the top three tables of any of the daily freerolls PokerStars has.  Note that these are different from the play money tourneys.  And to update you as to what’s happening in my tourney as I type this up, I’m now 2nd out of 145 remaining.  I’m just having trouble getting Pokerhand to post my stud hands.  I wanted to show the monster pot I took down with three sixes.  Oh well, that’ll teach me to not get any sleep. ;p

EDIT: Well, I’m in the Weekly Round 2. I went out in 23rd from the stud tourney, because there’s really no incentive to stick around longer than necessary. If you do come to watch me, the tourney number is 19571115, and my user name is rawmustard. Oh yeah, and you’ll have to download the PokerStars software. (NOTE: Be sure you get the .com version, as you won’t be able to see this tourney on the .net version, and furthermore, you can only search for other players on the .com program.) Meanwhile, I think I’ll play some Omaha hi-lo ring games to get my mind prepared.


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