Beh, how do I compare?

Yes, it is memetic, Bob.

Annie Duke: Annie has a brother who plays poker. I got interested in playing hold ’em after watching my brother play tournaments in Hoyle Casino Games (that version only had limit games).

Phil Laak: Phil gets to date Jennifer Tilly. On the last date I had, the girl decides to get another boyfriend within two weeks and does everything not to tell me about it. Coincidentally, I probably could not get a date with Tilly if I wanted it.

Gus Hansen: Gus plays very loosely. I play every which way but loose.

Chris Moneymaker: Chris won his way into the 2003 World Series of Poker main event through a satellite on PokerStars. I started playing online at PokerStars, but have not yet played a satellite into the WSOP.

Men Nguyen: Men is an excellent stud player. I think I can become an excellent stud player if that early Sunday morning freeroll I played is any indication.

Tom McEvoy: Tom was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, nearly 36 years later. Tom succeeded in making the WSOP non-smoking. I don’t smoke, but I doubt I would have gone so far to eliminate smoking from poker tournaments. There’s just something about the smoke that gives a poker game its atmosphere.

Isabelle Mercier: Isabelle is known as “No Mercy.” I would show no mercy, but I really haven’t racked up the wins in order to do that. Plus, she’s smokin’ hot, something a lot of other female players can’t claim to be. I’m nowhere near hot, either in poker or appearance.

Daniel Negreanu: Like Bob said, Daniel is a Maple Leafs fan. I’m a Red Wings fan, so there would be much trash-talking if the two of us watched a game between the teams. However, since the Leafs moved to the Eastern Conference, the two big-time rivals don’t play each other as much any more.

Phil Ivey: Phil doesn’t talk much while he’s at the table. I would make Phil look like Mike Matusow.

Todd Brunson: Todd follows in his father’s footsteps. I don’t really have much desire to follow in my father’s footsteps.

Chip Reese: Chip makes a lot of money in cash games. I probably should play more cash games, but tourneys are so much fun.

Wil Wheaton: Wil has jumped on the poker bandwagon like so many of us have after 2003. We’ve actually played on the same table (online, obviously) on a couple different occasions, once during a tourney and once in a ring game. Still, I’m sure millions more read his blog than will ever read mine.

Phil Hellmuth: Phil has a calendar out, a copy which sits on my desk right now. He whines a lot when he gets a bad beat. I just shrug a bad beat off like it’s no big deal.

Johnny Moss: Johnny won three WSOP main events, including the first ever. I doubt I could even make three. Johnny has been dead for nine years. Last time I checked, I am not dead.

Paul Darden: Paul grew up with robbers and drug dealers. I grew up in a nicer neighborhood, although one time, one of my friends shoplifted from a Stop ‘n Go.

One thing that is annoying me on Wikipedia is the overuse of a lot of the players’ nicknames. It deserves a mention perhaps on the article of that player, but not all over the site.


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