First hand in a Hubble freeroll

I take out three players.  Sad thing is, I blow almost half the resulting stack after calling another all-in with AJ vs. 77.  Patience, Brian.

Battle of 43. These kinds of hands always have a lol factor to them.

He pairs his king, but I make my flush. Now, I’m over what I got on the very first hand.

A lesson on why you should go over the top when you have Aces. I raise only 4*BB with KQs, and he only calls. We see a flop. It gets checked around. I bet the turn. I guess he thought I was weak, since I eventually push all-in and he calls. Odds are, if he had raised me enough preflop, I’d have mucked and not seen what turned out to be a good flop for me. True, he could’ve been representing a flush draw, but I wasn’t buyin’ it.

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