Super Happy Trivia Time! results

Well, since I don’t think anyone else is going to answer my little quiz, I might as well reveal the answers.

On which NASCAR Nextel Cup team is my favorite driver?

Yeah, this one was sort of tricky, since I don’t think I’ve ever revealed my favorite driver in an entry prior to this one. But I’ll say now that my favorite driver is Carl Edwards, and he drives the #99 Ford Fusion for Roush Racing. Hendrick is the team of Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Busch, and Brian Vickers (who goes to Team Red Bull next year and will be replaced by Casey Mears).

Rush Limbaugh was recently caught with which prescription drug while returning from a trip?

While returning from the Dominican Republic, Customs searched Limbaugh’s luggage and found Viagra bearing his psychiatrist’s name. In Florida, such an arrangement is legal if all the parties know about it and the prescription is correctly documented. Limbaugh won’t face charges for the incident in Palm Beach County. John (mmmmjournal) and Val (pulsar4529) answered correctly.

Which of these is not a Nextel Cup sponsor for 2006?

The Army sponsors the #01 driven by Joe Nemechek, the National Guard co-sponsors the #16 driven by Greg Biffle, and the Air Force co-sponsors the #21 driven by Ken Schrader, all Cup cars. The Navy does not currently sponsor a Cup car, but it does sponsor the #88 in the Busch Series.

After this season, what Michigan city will be the new home of the Southwest Michigan Devil Rays?

Because of a very pitiful season ticket sales drive, there won’t be a new stadium built closer to I-94, which maybe would have improved the team’s fortunes. After this season, the team will move to Midland, which is certainly within a reasonable driving distance of Mount Pleasant. Adam (chef_adam) answered correctly.

Who has never driven a Cup car for Dale Earnhardt, Inc.?

Although he certainly started the company, Dale Earnhardt never drove a Cup car for DEI, instead staying with Richard Childress Racing until his death in the 2001 Daytona 500. Paul Menard is driving the #15 part-time for DEI in Cup this season and will move full-time in 2007. Martin Truex Jr. currently drives the #1 for DEI, while Michael Waltrip drove the #15 prior to this season. In fact, it was Waltrip who won the race where Earnhardt met his unexpected demise. Surprisingly (to me, anyway), Adam answered correctly.

What downtown Kalamazoo establishment is closing this Saturday (July 1)?

The restaurant District 211 is what closed this past Saturday. The owner never explicitly gave a reason for the closing, but with what’s going to happen (think: minimum wage going up October 1), I wouldn’t be surprised if several small businesses faced a similar choice. Val answered correctly.

Neal Boortz generally opens up the lines to discuss almost any topic on Fridays. Which topic does Boortz absolutely refuse to discuss at all, even on Fridays?

Boortz is a libertarian, but since his audience is mostly conservative, there are some issues where he and some of his audience would invariably clash. Abortion is likely the greatest of those issues, and thus Boortz (who is for abortion) does not take calls regarding it. John and Val answered correctly.

Which of these blogs would I be in the greatest disagreement?

Although Wil Wheaton is a liberal, he at least can keep his political views to a tolerable level. Contrast that to the Daily Kos, where it seems to be one illogical accusation against Bush and conservatives after another, and you can quickly see why I would be in greatest disagreement with them. Val answered correctly.

Which auto manufacturer is entering the Nextel Cup series in 2007?

After several seasons in the Craftsman Truck Series, Toyota will enter as a manufacturer in both the Nextel Cup and Busch series. The teams that will run Toyotas initially include Team Red Bull, Michael Waltrip Racing, and Bill Davis Racing.

Which ESPN personality is currently being hospitalized after suffering an aneurysm?

Peter Gammons suffered an aneurysm and is recovering in a hospital. It is not known when he will return to work. All answered correctly

Yesterday, Honda announced it would build a factory in Greensburg, Indiana. What makes this community so distinct?

Having visited Greensburg myself, I can definitely say that it is a quaint little city, and the tree growing out of the courthouse tower is an interesting, if not unusual, excuse to head downtown. For the record, Tony Stewart was born in Columbus and the College Football Hall of Fame is in South Bend. The first Wal-Mart Supercenter wasn’t even in Indiana at all; that opened in Washington, Missouri, in 1988. All answered correctly.

Which is the odd one out in this group?

Al Sharpton, Dennis Eckersley, and Stevie Ray Vaughan were all born October 3, 1954. Dave Winfield also has an October 3 birthday, but he was born three years earlier and thus is the odd one out.

What is Chris Moneymaker’s handle on PokerStars?

If you want to find which table Moneymaker is playing on PokerStars, you must search for “Money800“. Other handles of selected players: Greg Raymer is “FossilMan”, Isabelle Mercier is “NoMercy”, and the ever-clever Wil Wheaton goes by “Wil Wheaton” on the poker site. John and Adam answered correctly.

What unlikely combination is cosponsoring the #00 car for 2007?

The #00 car owned by Michael Waltrip Racing is being co-sponsored by Domino’s Pizza and Burger King. As this story indicates, the sponsors will split the time as primary sponsor. Dale Jarrett will drive this car if there is not a sponsor for another team. John (despite stating he wouldn’t answer any NASCAR questions) answered this one correctly.

The premise of The Hallelujah Trail focuses on a whiskey shortage in which city?

The movie’s focus is a whiskey shortage in the mining community of Denver. A shipment of whiskey is sent by wagon train, which meets with comedic results when both a temperance movement and Indians converge on it. I would highly recommend you see it if you haven’t yet. Val and Adam answered correctly.

More trivia to come later!


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