Heh, it seems like a good enough idea

Since pulsar4529 did it, I figure I might as well do it, too.

The Rules? Post a list of all of your Friends with a short description of who they are and why they are on your list, where you know them from, etc. Also helpful if you are a Fandom-centric person, you can list what fandoms your friends are into so that your other friends can say, “Wow, so-and-so sounds cool!”

Well, I’m not “fandom-centric,” but I’ll give it a go anyway. The list:

aeonclaw – She’s an avid photographer and was an employee at Brownstone last I knew. She had actually commented on my journal years before we ended up on each others’ list
badbeatexpress – Alternate journal for purplehaze9‘s stories of horrific poker beats.
chef_adam – He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother. He’s currently a culinary specialist on the USS Nimitz (CVN 68). One of his favorite shows is Stargate: SG1, so if you ever got into a conversation with him about that, he would talk your ear off. He just celebrated his 22nd birthday Tuesday, crashing with one of his friends in Chula Vista.
duckie1981 – A big fan of the Monkees (userinfo has a picture with her and Peter Tork), she’s from Howell and a good Republican. She recently graduated as a med tech. Like several others on the list, she’s probably fairly busy now so she doesn’t post as often. She was a fellow member of michigan
inagawayuu – The first of several who are in Arizona. Christi has faced much adversity, but she still manages to enjoy life despite it. She enjoys Blizzard games and anime (although, as she says, not above and beyond logical limits).
jellyrose – The European on the list, Maaike somehow convinced another LJer to move over to the Netherlands and marry her. She pulled for France to win the World Cup.
kittyfish – Ah, Elizabeth. She was actually the first on my list (as a now-deleted-and-purged journal). Born exactly one year after I was, she draws Pokémon fanart (among other fanart). She likes Metallica, bones, and all things dinosaur, including capsule sponges.
magikmarc – Whenever you think of a major festival in Battle Creek, you should think of Marc, since he (through his company NetMagikPros) is the web designer for practically all of them. We met at MCTI and have stayed in touch ever since. Marc is a Red Wings and wrestling fan, and both he and his wife enjoy crime procedural shows.
miwasatoshi – Carlos is an avid birder and anime reviewer as well as a student of Asian history and culture. As did his spouse (inagawayuu), he lifted his name from an anime character. You may remember him as the runner-up in the 1991 National Geography Bee. I would not recommend that he attempt this meme, since it would likely eat all the free time he has left in his natural life. ;p
mmmmjournal – John is active in Kiwanis, enjoys baseball (particularly the Padres) and desert roadtrips, and never misses an opportunity to criticize Michael Moore.
mrbrwnstone – The journal that was supposedly shared by the employees of Brownstone Coffee House, it mysteriously hasn’t been updated for several months.
pulsar4529 – Literally the closest person on the list (in terms of residence), I actually found her as a fellow member of kzoo_kids. Val’s building is literally a stone’s throw from mine (though her section is actually the next one in from the end of the building). Although first seeing her IM handle (avscigeek) might make you think otherwise, she is a Red Wings fan. And as she said, despite living so close to each other, we’ve never met in person.
purplehaze9 – Bob is a decent poker player but hasn’t made enough yet to consider giving up his day job. He’s a boxing fan and a New York Rangers fan.
reality_hammer – Brett generally uses this journal to comment on the news of the day and point out the liberal bias within it. Think Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity with quirky humor and you’ll get the gist of this journal.
sir_brettley – This journal is where Brett documents more of his own life. He makes his living selling real estate and usually has to deal with multiple cats around his house. He also is a Harry Potter fan.
unenlagia – Beth went to high school with Liz, and so she is on my list through Liz’s list. Consequently, her friends list is where I found Carlos and Christi, and through either one of them (take your pick), I found Bob. But as for Beth herself, she is also a Pokémon fanartist and has taken Japanese and Chinese. She also has owned several dogs and cats, which must make for an interesting household. Like Liz, she is into Harry Potter (naming her black lab Sirius) and dinosaurs. (Her username comes from a genus of South American dinosaurs. Coincidentally (or maybe not), she is also into Zoids as well.)

More often than not, I added people because they usually added me first and I found their entries to be very entertaining. I’m not one to add too many friends because the list can get unwieldy, especially once you add communities and syndicated feeds to the mix. I feel honored that people have added me, because sometimes I don’t consider myself all that entertaining. But I’ve kept at this for over five years now, and I welcome any new regular readers, whether they add me to their list or not.


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