Had a nice game

So if I ever go to the Shiawassee Refuge, remind me to take in the various waterfowl. I thought there were bears there, and so I missed a chance at a perfect game. But it was quite fun. Susan ended up coming over after all, but no Tom or Mary Claire. Apparently the scores didn’t show up on the board at our site, so I’ll have to check where we rank later on the website. There was even a question on the Kalamazoo Air Zoo. But, to the disappointment of Stacey, no questions concerned Gladstone.

Coming home, the lightning display was fantastic. I might’ve PhonePosted about it, but the battery was about to die at the time, so meh. Just a while ago, there was a good rain storm. The thunder is still sounding even though the rain has passed. And it’s only supposed to be 80°, so it’s a break in the heat wave. It’s still going to be humid with all the rain, though. If it’s not raining after work, I think another dip in the pool is in order.

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