It’s been rather pleasing to catch up with people over at Bdubs over the past couple weeks, but I still feel as if I’m being left out of the loop unnecessarily. Granted, the circumstances leading to my absence over there were entirely my doing, but still, I would think that at least one of my friends from over there would be gracious enough to keep me in the loop at least. I’m so close now to unleashing a rant on how inconsistently I’m treated compared to other friends, but I don’t yet know how to phrase it in a way that won’t drive people further from me. It’s just so frustrating to the point now that maybe I’ll have to justify ostracizing everyone around me the way they seem to have ostracized me over the last several months. They may say that it’s great to see me again when they do see me, but if they felt so good about seeing me or talking to me, wouldn’t they at least attempt to try to see me or contact me during that time where I couldn’t get around as much? Humanity stinks of hypocrisy, with too few good things to make a dent on all the bad.

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