Answers for SHTT2!

I got one more participant than from last time, so things are looking up. I’m using the names by which you are commonly addressed when crediting correct answers, since I don’t feel like typing a lot of lj tags.

Which sports figure was recently sentenced for stalking an ex-girlfriend?

Retired baseball player Albert Belle was sentenced to 90 days in jail and five years probation for stalking his former girlfriend. John, Bob, and Carlos answered correctly.

What is the name of the network that serves up trivia and other games to various establishments throughout the U.S. and Canada?

You either have seen me talk about it a lot, or you all are players, because all four of you knew Buzztime was the network that served up trivia. There is also a separate network in the United Kingdom.

Which comedian has the nickname “Tater Salad”?

Ron White goes by that nickname. The other comedians listed were also part of the Blue Collar Comedy tour. John and Carlos got this one.

How many splits has area code 616 undergone since its original implementation?

616 was one of the three original area codes in Michigan when they were established in 1947. It has since been split into 906 (1961), 231 (1999), and 269 (2002). That makes 3 splits by my count. As far as I know, there are no further plans to split or overlay 616 or any of its child area codes. John and Carlos answered correctly.

Whose radio program originates from the West Coast?

Of the choices listed, only Jim Rome regularly originates from the West Coast—his program is based in Los Angeles. Fellow Premiere Radio-syndicated Rush Limbaugh lately has been originating from Florida, although his flagship is still considered to be WABC. (Announcer Johnny Donovan opens Open-Line Friday with “Live from the Southern Command, via New York…”) Sean Hannity also originates from WABC in New York. (I listened to him via WABC’s streaming audio before he was nationally syndicated.) Neal Boortz’s program originates from Atlanta. John and Bob answered correctly.

What was winner Jamie Gold’s final hand in the recently completed 2006 World Series of Poker main event?

Jamie Gold’s last hand was Q♠ 9♣. (10♥ 10♠ was what his heads-up opponent was holding.) I don’t know why the font tag wasn’t working right when I first created the poll, but whatever. Bob and Carlos answered correctly.

barmaidblog is a barmaid in which city?

Something interesting to note is that although her journal was just created in June, she already is listed as a friend by over 2200. I’ve had my journal for almost six years, and I don’t think I’ll have 22, let alone a hundred. Of course, maybe the fact she was featured in lj_spotlight had something to do with the ultra-fast rise in popularity. But back to the question at hand, she is a barmaid in New York. Bob and Jeremy answered correctly.

Which program was recently canceled by Sci Fi?

Everyone knew that Stargate SG1 was canceled by Sci Fi. Whether it will be picked up by another network or be first-run syndicated is yet to be seen, but you might want to ask Val about that since she’s more likely to pay closer attention than I am.

Which establishment does Otto Mann describe as “flagrant false advertising”?

Stoner’s Pot Palace sold cookware, to Otto’s disappointment. OFF shopped there in preparation for a dinner party where Kirk and Luann Van Houten were prompted to divorce.

Which player has not gone on the disabled list for the Cubs this season?

At the time of the question, the answer is Carlos Zambrano. But Zambrano left Monday’s game after 1 1/3 because of back spasms. An MRI yesterday revealed no major problems, but like all Cubs fans, I know better than to think he won’t have to miss time. The prospects who are still at Iowa and West Tenn must have mixed reaction when they receive a call-up, because they’ve seen both Carlos Marmol and Sean Marshall come up just to end up on the DL. And now the season looks more dismal, as the Cubs overtook the Pirates for worst record in the NL. Sigh. John and Carlos answered correctly.

In 2007, what race will mark ESPN’s return to broadcasting Nextel Cup events?

The Allstate 400 at the Brickyard will be the first race televised on ESPN as part of next year’s new TV contract. John, Jeremy, and Carlos answered correctly.

Who of the following was not a voice actor on Gargoyles?

Several Star Trek: The Next Generation actors later did voice work on Gargoyles. Although Patrick Stewart certainly would be suitable, especially for flashback scenes set in Scotland, his voice was not heard on this program. Other TNG actors who “appeared” include LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis, and Colm Meaney. Everyone answered correctly.

What network originally broadcasted Baywatch before it had a much more successful run in syndication?

Baywatch premiered on NBC in 1991, but was canceled after only one season. But then it went in first-run syndication and ran nine more seasons. You all split your answers, but Jeremy came out correct.

Which is not the name of a Michigan Department of Transportation region?

You may check the links from this page to see the spread of each region. The regions are named Grand, Bay, Metro, Southwest, University, Superior, and North. Upper is not the name of an MDOT region. This one was no gimme, as even those familiar with Michigan but not familiar with MDOT would likely not know the names of MDOT’s regions.

The four sisters in Keeping Up Appearances were all named after what kind of object?

Hyacinth, Daisy, Rose, and Violet (rarely seen but mentioned often) were clearly named after flowers. Most plots revolved around Hyacinth wanting to appear high class through various social functions to the sheer annoyance of everyone else. (“Oh no! It’s the Bucket woman!”) Daisy, her husband Onslow, and Rose would usually be involved in a subplot, many times crossing paths with Hyacinth’s happenings. All answered correctly.

On a side note, LeVar Burton will be appearing at Founder’s Day at Starr Commonwealth October 1. It’s not Patrick Stewart doing Shakespeare, but it might be interesting.


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