I think there were some of my fellow voters who haven’t voted regularly—they sounded fearful of having to use a tou system, but we’ve been using OPTECH (standard for all precincts in Calhoun County) for years. There were quite a few more voters when I stopped in on my way to work this morning than during the primary, but nowhere near the number there were for the presidential election two years ago. I ended up sticking with Walberg, because I didn’t want to risk losing the seat, and I really don’t care as much about his religious aspects than I do the tax aspects. I want the FairTax passed, and if Walberg supports it, it just makes it that much easier. I will admit that I did vote for one Democrat—that was George Perles for Michigan State trustee. I did vote for some Libertarians in some of the other college board races, but other than those exceptions, it was Republican most of the way. Although I still wish Betsy had run for office instead of her husband.

The only proposal that I voted down was Proposal 5, which stipulated mandatory public education funding raises with the rate of inflation. It doesn’t even take into account how well the public schools are actually performing. And while supporters say the funds were “strictly for the classroom,” there’s really no way to tell if any of that money would still go to tecahers’ pensions. Tying DNR fees to conservation funds is an excellent idea, and so is banning affirmative action. And I’m all for the DNR establishing sound seasons for mourning doves. I’m not anti-dove, mind you, I just think it silly that the opposition is so adamant about protecting doves. There are far fewer ducks and geese, yet they’re okay with the hunting of those? And it’s downright laughable when they consider mourning doves songbirds, when even a birdbrain could tell you that they’re related to pigeons and thus cannot be songbirds. Of course, I had to vote for 4, which prohibits eminent domain from being used for private businesses. Make the businesses negotiate with the landowners without government intervention, I always say.


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