It’s been a while

I’ve been taking this month kind of easy.  Last weekend, I went to Monaco Bay for the first time.  For the most part, I enjoy the music, but I think I’ll enjoy it better if I could find a dancing partner.  It was hard then because it seemed all of the women there were already attached to someone.  At least cover is less than I thought it was, and soda doesn’t cost extra.  Maybe next weekend I’ll head there again and have dinner.  Christmas is also coming yet again.  I did win a $100 Best Buy gift card at my company Christmas party last Saturday.  I picked up Final Fantasy XII with that, and I still have plenty left over for something else.

I like that Full Tilt now has mixed ring games.  One thing it’s done now that’s needed to be done is freezing the button when it shifts from O to R on the HORSE tables.  I haven’t seen yet if it freezes the button during tourneys, but it should.  Sure, if you stay at one table continuously, you’ll remember who is due for the button when H comes around, but you likely won’t know if you get moved to another table unless you watch all the tables.  The next thing Full Tilt needs to fix is the occasional rearrangement of down cards in the stud games.  I am annoyed by people who tell me “Nice river” when I clearly had them beat since fifth street.

I finally bought a hooded fleece, but I found it has no pockets.  I will want to find a fleece hoodie with pockets.  There’s some money left on the Meijer gift card for that.


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