Who didn’t see this coming? Personally, I despise interviewing someone only to hold it for publication until after his death. And I’ll grant you that had Ford stated support for the war, that interview would continue to be unpublished. Remember the mold, my friends.

On a slightly more positive note, I may try to stop in Ann Arbor Saturday on my way to a family gathering in Livonia, since I don’t expect to drive up to Grand Rapids. I wouldn’t think the library to be as busy as the museum since Ford grew up in Grand Rapids. But like most things, it’ll depend on when I roll out of bed. (The gathering is at 1800. Also, I wish the general public would adopt military time, since it is so more practical than using a.m. and p.m.)

While I’m at it, I also will mention that I won a $250 certificate from playing in the Buzztime Bar Crawl in Lansing back in November (also got a free T-shirt to show off to fellow players), and I probably will purchase a digital camera. I’m looking for something between 6-8 MP, and I certainly don’t need an SLR or something geared towards professional photographers (10 MP+). My brother has a pretty decent HP, which had a great display, but just from initial browsing on Amazon, Canons tend to be much better received. Marc had a good 8 MP camcorder which also takes stills and functions as an MP3 player, but I doubt I’ll be able to find as good a deal as what he got at Walgreens. What are your recommendations? Anything I should avoid like the plague? I considered one HP model, but after reading a review where he pointed out the flash’s location and lack of intensity, I don’t think I’ll purchase that one.


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