Aw, man!

The Red Wings play at the Rangers tonight, but the game is on Versus, which means I would have to go somewhere. Of course, 24 is on tonight. Who at the NHL could be so cruel to schedule a game so it ends at the same time Jack Bauer is on? Perhaps if I go to the Frog, it won’t be busy enough so I could watch Bauer and hope the Wings have the game well-in-hand.

Congrats to the Indianapolis Colts, who prevailed in a soggy-yet-exciting Super Bowl. Hopefully Adam is merely hungover after what was more than likely a raucous celebration. The last time I spoke with him, it was before kickoff and he was already trashed. A phone call placed after the game’s conclusion has yet to be returned. I’m surprised that the victory parade is so soon (this afternoon at about 4).


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