Color meme swiped from

1. Closest red thing to you? my t-shirt
2. Has anyone ever cheated on you in a relationship? Yeah, but that relationship only lasted two months, so it’s no biggie.
3. Last thing to make you mad? Maybe the NASCAR race being postponed yet again.
4. Are you a fan of romance? When people can be honest about it like they should, I’m a fan. Otherwise, no.
5. Have you ever been in love? Yes.
6. Do you have a temper? Yes

1. Closest orange thing to you? Some Willard Library pencils.
2. Do you like to burn things? Of course. I love teh fire!!!
3. Do you dress up for Halloween? Not recently.
4. Are you usually a warm-hearted person? I am.
5. Do you prefer the single life or the security of a relationship? Who said relationships were always secure? Like I say about romance, if there’s honesty, good. Otherwise, bad.
6. What would your superpower be? Telekinesis

1. Closest yellow thing to you? some network cable
2. The happiest time[s] of your life? Don’t happen often.
3. Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving
4. Are you a coward? Only in social situations and romantic situations [Hey, her answer fits mine].
5. Do you burn or tan? Burn.
6. Do you want children? Maybe, but I think the older I get, the less likely that is to be.
7. What makes you feel warm and safe? Warm: a fire. Safe: stuff with which I am familiar.

1. Closest green thing to you? A sign designating this area a quiet work zone.
2. Do you care about the environment? For the most part.
3. Are you jealous of anyone right now? Not really.
4. Are you a lucky person? I don’t think so.
5. Do you always want what you can’t have? Most times.
6. Think of six green things that make you happy: Money, grass, lime jello, felt, salad, some of my turtlenecks.
7. Are you Irish? Nope.

1. Closest blue thing to you? My jeans.
2. Are you good at calming people down? Sometimes; generally I’m not in those types of situations.
3. Do you like the sea? I like the general idea of it.
4. What was the last thing that made you cry? I really don’t know.
5. Are you a logical thinker? Definitely.
6. Can you sleep easily? Most of the time.
7. Do you prefer the beach or the woods? Beach.

1. Closest purple thing to you? Another sign.
2. Like being treated to expensive things? Yes.
3. Do you like mysterious things? I do.
4. Ever met anyone in royalty? I don’t believe I have.
5. Are you creative? I can be if I want.
6. Are you a lonely person? Yes.

1. Closest pink thing to you? This Shaq reading poster to my right looks pink, so let’s go with that.
2. Do you like sweet things? Yep.
3. Like play-fighting? Sure.
4. Are you sensitive? A little too sensitive.
5. Do you like punk music? I like it, but it’s not my main music of choice.
6. What is your favorite flower? Stargazer lily; I’ve liked it ever since it was my high school’s class flower.
7. Does anyone have a crush on you? I think several do, but I’m not going to say who I think they are. Love ya, ladies. :-*

1. Closest black thing to you? a paper tray
2. Do you like morbid things? Not particularly.
3. Do you like being underground? It’s fun when I can go someplace underground.
4. Are you afraid of death? I’ll never be afraid of death.
5. Do you prefer neutral or vibrant colors? I tend to like both equally.
7. What’s your favorite text ever? Something that I sent that was kind of a joke between me and one of my friends. I don’t really know if she appreciated much since I never got a response.

I tag: whoever wants to do this crazy thing. :p


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