A brief update

Last night actually turned out alright. I got to see some friends over at the Hunt Club and partook of Buzztime’s Friday night offerings. I must say I do have a lot of fun playing Spotlight ever since the first round was changed to quotations rather than just general pop culture questions. I still can’t nail the year round, but then I always tend to think of most things as a year or so off. (For example, I had thought Glitter was more recent, but it’s been out since 2001.)

One of these days I’m going to become more improvisational when it comes to fixing things. I had to install a new license plate, and while removing the old rusted-out screws, I somehow broke the mounting bracket. Fortunately someone who is good at that kind of stuff was able to attach one end of the plate and bracket with strong twisty-tie. I thanked him by buying a beer for him at the Hunt Club only to subsequently learn he was diabetic. He had stuff he needed to do, so he went on.

It doesn’t look like Western-Mizzou will be televised according to the schedule listed on ESPN’s site, so I hope my friend Ani isn’t too disappointed if she can’t watch that game. There’s always radio, though. Speaking of that, Battle Creek’s radio stations are going through a realignment. It’s interesting because now we’re going to have an FM talker. But I am a little miffed because in all likelihood we lose the sports station I particularly liked. I mean I knew it was coming because I had heard about the planned swap, but still, I’ve grown to like Jim Rome.


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