I couldn’t have had a more boring weekend if I tried

I was kind of dumb playing poker Thursday, so that meant the weekend wasn’t as good as I would like. But I did manage to get to the Barking Frog Saturday and see some costumes. Sunday, I just kicked back and watched the Cup race, which had one clusterfuck of a finish. It’s certainly a thrill watching Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson vie for the title. If only my driver could be in the thick of things, but then Hendrick has dominated all year.

My uncle called me Saturday, and he’s taking me to the Central-Western game on November 6. That’ll probably be a good time, although it would mean I miss Showdown. However, I’m for a change in routine once in a while, considering I haven’t ever been to a college football game. It might be better if Western were doing better this year, but it’s always been one of the best rivalries in the MAC.

In all likelihood, I can probably get back to the Hunt Club before the Battle Creek commission election results are announced, as Bill Morris (an at-large candidate) will throw a big party. Chris Simmons, a Showdown player when he’s not busy with his jobs or his twins, is running in Battle Creek’s Ward 1. Unfortunately, as I am a Springfield resident, I cannot vote for either of them. But I do hope that both of them can win, as well as a few others I met during an election party last year.


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