Phone stolen! >:O

Sometime between last call and the time I left Bdubs last night, my phone was stolen. I had wanted to get a replacement phone today, but because of my spending limit, I would’ve been required to put money down rather than wait to have it billed to me. Consequently, I must wait until next Thursday to purchase my phone, since even if I go through the process online, I’d have to pay by my debit card. However, if anyone is willing to loan me the approximately $160, I could start the ordering process sooner and thus not be without a phone for over a week. But I don’t believe any of you are willing to pony up, even though I could pay you back relatively quickly.

However, the game last night was exciting in the last four minutes. It’s a shame Western’s defense wasn’t as good on Central’s last drive as it was the drive previous. I did enjoy myself despite what happened later. As I expected, picture taking with my camera wasn’t all that effective.


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