Various musings

I always find it refreshing to just park someplace downtown and walk around. For example, today I parked in front of Brownstone, went in for a mocha, and then eventually made my way here to the library. I figure it’s good exercise, plus it conserves fuel. As long as there isn’t torrential rain or sub-zero temperatures, I figure it’s a good habit everyone should observe.

I suggest that everyone watch Carrier on PBS April 27-May 1. It’s a 10-hour miniseries filmed during the Nimitz‘s 2005 deployment, which was my brother’s first. I’ll be interested to see if he appears in it, even if for a brief moment.

Although only two races of the Sprint Cup have been completed, I don’t think Hendrick is as dominant as they were last season. I think the Roush teams will do much better on the intermediate tracks (as my driver showed Monday), but don’t be surprised if Brian Vickers steals a race or two.

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