It’s hard to believe…

One month from today, I fly out to Las Vegas to celebrate my brother’s birthday. There’s so much to think about between then and now that it’s so close, but I think I have a pretty good idea how I want to spend my time and money. At least Dad is springing for the room and rental car, and I booked my flight in January, so I’m good to go as far as lodging and travel is concerned. My stimulus should be to me by the time I leave, so that bit will help. I’ve been browsing different sites to see which poker room would be the best place to play a session. We’ll be staying at the Hooters Hotel, but from what I’ve read so far, the poker room there leaves a bit to be desired. I know I’ll be right across from the MGM Grand, and I’m certain I could probably head downtown if I decide the games might be better up there. I’m certain we’ll head over to Hoover Dam together at some point, and Dad also plans to have a meal together for Adam’s birthday. Somewhere between the time we land on July 10 and the time we depart on the evening of July 13, I’m sure I’ll have time to myself. One thing I will not do is plop myself in front of a slot machine. I’ll probably play a little blackjack, but I much prefer to play against other people than the casinos.

One thing about the time we’re going is that it’ll be just near the end of the Main Event to the World Series of Poker. I do believe at some point, I might like to catch a peek of what’s going on, but I understand it’s likely to be crowded. I do know that if I’m watching others play, that’s time I know that I’m not actively losing my own money. I at least have to attempt to see some of the action, if only to tell people I saw some of the WSOP in person. There’s just so much in Vegas that I can see why people go there repeatedly. Suffice it to say, Vegas can’t be done in the weekend I’m there. But I’m going to make as much as is reasonable.

Perhaps some time this weekend, I might get over to the Ball Joint to play some poker, since I haven’t been there in a while. I also want to at least pick up a Red Wings championship cap. If no one around here has the proper cap (i.e., the one that players wore on the ice), a trip over to Hockeytown Authentics may be in order. I figure if I head that way, I could hit up one of the Detroit casinos, but then I said I’d try to save some money for Vegas.

I know for a fact that I only have a little over $600 left on my car payments. I know that it’ll be a relief to me (and my grandmother, since the loan had to be put in her name) once it is paid off. I figure I can keep the Kia around for at least a couple more years before I start thinking of something else, but I’m reluctant to go through the hassles of securing financing.


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