Vegas photos are up

I finally got my trip photos up on Flickr, after they wouldn’t load there yesterday.

Overall, the trip was fun. I didn’t lose as much as I’d expected, and I know I’ll be back, particularly for the Mirage’s 1-4 spread stud game. However, my favorite poker room this trip would have to be MGM Grand’s, as it set so you can see plenty. I also was in the Amazon Room at the Rio during the World Series Main Event bubble, but the only celebrity-type that I could recognize was Norman Chad. I didn’t have time to get over there again, but at least I can say I saw some of the WSOP in person, even though I couldn’t see much. I can swear I only got four hours of sleep the whole trip. And Hooters Hotel already wants to give me a complimentary two-night stay before the end of this summer (courtesy of their rewards club). I know I do want to go back, and if the hotel is willing to pay for lodging, going back this summer is a slight possibility.


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