Clinched routes

This list is for my own purposes. They are a list of routes that I’m certain I’ve driven or ridden in entirety (need not be all at once). The only multi-state route I’ve clinched is US-131. Below are the routes categorized by state. I won’t bold updates now since I update this list so infrequently.


*I-296 (unsigned)
*BL-69 Coldwater
*BL-69 Charlotte
*BL-69 Lansing
*BL-69 Port Huron
*BS-75 Bay City
*BL-94 Kalamazoo
*BL-94 Battle Creek
*BL-94 Marshall
*BL-94 Albion
*BL-94 Jackson
*BL-94 Ann Arbor
*BL-94 Port Huron
*BL-96 Lansing
*BL-196 South Haven
*BS-196 Grand Rapids
*Capitol Loop (an I-496 business connection in Lansing)
*BR US-12 Niles (since replaced with M-139 from western end to Front Street, turned back from there to 5th Street (M-51), with the concurrency with M-51 removed)
*BR US-12 Ypsilanti
*BR US-31 Muskegon
*BR US-127 Jackson
*BR US-127 Lansing (unsigned)
*BR US-131 Kalamazoo
*BR US-131 Three Rivers
*BR US-131 Grand Rapids
*BR-US-131 Cadillac
*BR M-60 Niles
*M-185 (I pedaled a tandem, so it counts)
*M-311 (unsigned at the time of clinching, signed since the latter months of 09)
*M-331 (unsigned)


Note: Some state routes in Indiana consist of different segments. For example, there are three segments numbered SR 4, but each is a separate highway.

*SR 1 (northern)
*SR 3 (both sections)
*SR 4 (eastern)
*SR 9
*SR 13
*SR 75 (southern section)
*SR 127
*SR 205
*SR 212
*SR 237 (southern)
*SR 265
*SR 327
*SR 340
*SR 445
*SR 520
*SR 662
*SR 727
*SR 827
*SR 930
*SR 933


*KY 146
*KY 1447


*US 250
*OH 420
*OH 711


*US 12



*I-376 (before its extension onto Parkway West)
*BR US-322 State College


District of Columbia
*I-495 (yes, the Capital Beltway cuts through a corner of DC)

This list will be updated as I make more trips or my memory gets better.


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