Notes on yesterday’s primary

I was behind Greg Moore ever since he began his run for state representative, and I am thrilled that he has advanced to the general election, where he faces Kate Segal, who represents my district on the county commission. (Moore represents whichever district Athens is in.) Needless to say, this should be a close race given that both candidates are popular county commissioners. But Greg has the attitude needed to at least attempt to fix the mess up in Lansing. And considering he works as the term-limited Mike Nofs’s aide, that could give him a little clout with some of Lansing’s existing politicians. I look forward to my state House district being one of the most compelling because there are strong differences of opinion from fairly competent people.

I had wanted to go through my archives to recall when John Kerry chose his running mate during that election cycle, and it was on July 6 (reported in the morning papers July 7, obviously). Yet in this cycle, we’re a whole month from that point, and neither presumptive nominee has yet chosen a running mate, which leads me to ask: what is the fucking holdup? Since Michigan just had its state primary, that means we’re less than three months from the general. Was Kerry’s pick made unusually early, or has the drawn-out Democratic race caused both nominees to just zone out and wait until nearly the last minute to pick? Of course, I’m not suggesting that Kerry be used as the bellwether for choosing the running mate, but it is odd that this race has gone this long without running mates.


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