Why do people think they can screw me?

So Jeff, the owner of the Barking Frog, decides to run a promotion that for each Lion fumble recovery, regardless of whose fumble, there’d be a drink on the house for the whole bar. Well, it so happened that the Lions did recover their own fumble towards the end of the game, but the bartender decided to welsh on the promo. Considering the Lions sucked anyway, I suppose I shouldn’t have gotten as mad as I did. But it just gets to me that one person can be so bold as to screw all the patrons in that bar at that time. But I do have an upper hand, because all the box scores will prove I’m right. That Lions fumble was the only one during the whole game, and they didn’t lose it, so the house owes one round to everyone who was there at the time.

In other things, I see PokerStars isn’t spreading the 8-game mixed at .25/.50 blinds like they did a while ago. Hopefully this is only temporary, as I kind of liked that level.


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