Okay, now things are just getting insane

I have a few questions:

1. If this guy really had an affair with Bristol Palin, how can he be absolutely sure the kid in the womb is his if, as he said himself, that it was within the relationship of Bristol and Levi? There would need to be a DNA test to confirm this.
2. The whole story seems suspect. If Sarah Palin had been elected governor in 2006, would Bristol still be in Wasilla at the particular timeframe he mentions?
3. Why aren’t the Kosheads and other liberal degenerates on this? C’mon, it has all the things they would jump on. Nothing about this passes the smell test. But I don’t expect it to be the lowest thing the opponents do to attack the Palins. Needless to say, I just hope that it is one lame joke, because that’s how I perceive it.


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