The polling experience

I arrived at my precinct about 10 minutes to 7, and there were about 25 people waiting outside already. This time around, they had us wait outside instead on in the hallway like they did four years ago, and we also filled out the applications closer to the city hall entrance instead of the actual voting room. It sounded to me like quite a few people there were voting for the first time, so take from that what you will. For the most part I voted a Republican ticket, with a few splits in some of the university board races. I also voted for Proposal 1 (medicinal marijuana) and against Proposal 2 (embryonic stem cells). But all in all, I’m not really that enthusiastic about the presidential race regardless of who wins, because as we well know, McCain would likely give in to some of the Democrats’ ridiculous proposals, and it’s utter chaos should Obama win and the Democrats maintain control of Congress. Is it too early to advocate a Romney-Palin (or Palin-Romney) ticket for 2012?


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