Various updates

I had Thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family for the first time in years, since usually I’d go to my uncle’s on my dad’s side or that one time I went to my cousin’s place. The meal was good, of course the Lie-downs played as expected (and thus I napped), and I took the rest of Mom’s cranberry dish (along with some ham and turkey, which have since been eaten). I had to swing through Coldwater to pick it up since Mom went up to Cadillac for the weekend. I should polish it off sometime next week so I can return the container to her.

Last night, I saw Greensky Bluegrass at Bell’s. The band played a great set as they always do, and I couldn’t help but dance a bit. And as a long-time aficianado of Bell’s beer, that was my first time at the Eccentric Café. I will make it a point to visit there more often. The back room is a terrific venue for live music, and the main taproom looks decent as well. I’m so used to the ubiquity of Bell’s offered at all the other bars in the area that I didn’t think Bell’s own taproom would be a popular hangout, but it turns out it is.

Of course, I worked yesterday, but it was calm because so many others take the day off. I could never justify trying to do the Black Friday thing, since so many discounts are on things I don’t truly need, and if I really did want something, I’m not going to fight hundreds of silly people to do it. I really do hope the people who trampled the store worker to death get sent to prison, because there’s no excuse for that type of abhorrent behavior. And it’s a real shame that other’s had the audacity to disrespect the deceased by thinking their shopping is more important than making sure authorities have proper clearance to investigate the death. I’m fairly certain the family will sue for damages, too, so those shoppers’ urge to save $500 will end up costing them several thousand. Well played, tramplers.


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