25 random things

Since practically everyone and his mother on Facebook is doing this, I figure why not? You tag several people, and then they write a note about (or have it imported via RSS, like I do). Anyway, here goes.

1. I was born in Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo.
2. While I was a Friday’s child, my mother, father, and brother were all born on a Wednesday.
3. I’ve only had permanent residence in three counties which all border one another.
4. For most of my time in Kalamazoo, I lived in the Milwood neighborhood.
5. I used to cry a lot when I was teased.
6. I first went to school when I was two-and-a-half.
7. My side of Howland Avenue was awesome because we had spacious back yards compared to the houses the next street over.
8. I sang in a children’s choir at Milwood United Methodist.
9. I’m fascinated with traffic lights, and my fascination is better when the lights are timed properly.
10. I was saddened when the Bilbo’s in the Milwood neighborhood closed.
11. We lived in a motel suite temporarily until we could move into an apartment.
12. I used to take Equal in my morning coffee, but now I just drink it black.
13. I enjoy going to South Haven.
14. Although I’m a beer drinker, I also occasionally enjoy wine.
15. I won a school geography bee in the sixth grade, but I did not pass a written test to move on to the state level.
16. The person I beat in said bee’s final round was one of my first crushes.
17. I was named for one of my mother’s first crushes.
18. I always sign my middle initial (E.) to signify to people that the first part of my double-barrelled last name isn’t my middle name.
19. I am a graduate of Bronson High School.
20. The 2008 Kia Sportage I bought recently is the first vehicle I’ve bought new.
21. I’m a fan of the Muppets.
22. I’ve only had one person I would consider a girlfriend, and she bailed on me after only two months.
23. The only time I’ve ever been west of the Mississippi was when I went on my Las Vegas trip last year for my brother’s birthday.
24. The only time I’ve been out of the country was when I went to the Boblo Island amusement park.
25. During the 9/11 attacks, I was working in the call center at the Federal Center.


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