I guess I’ll update LJ land on what’s happening

I don’t get around to updating LJ quite as much anymore, since most of what I’d write sticks to within 140 characters (@rawmustard if you really feel a need to follow me there). But this summer has been busy to say the least, and I plan to keep occupied during my favorite season of. Motel rooms are booked for the Columbus Day roadtrip I plan to take—another color tour of the U.P., but this time I’m planning to go by way of the northeastern L.P. and head into Duluth and come back through the Dells. Then on one of the first two Saturdays in November, I plan to host my own roadmeet of sorts to see the opening of a segment of the Fort-to-Port project and tour other road features around Fort Wayne. Plus I’m sure with my birthday, Halloween, and Thanksgiving and the ensuing Christmas shopping season plus some stuff in-between, I think I can keep myself pretty occupied.

After a decade-long wait, the Battle Creek area finally has its own casino. FireKeepers opened back in August, and it certainly has become one of the spots in town. The food options are wonderful, and the atmosphere is terrific and certainly rivals many of the other casinos to which I’ve been. It’s yet to be seen how this will impact the area’s economy, however traffic has been steady just about every time I’ve been. Even my mother liked it the time she went, and that was the first time for her to go to any casino. Oh yeah, if you do go, make sure to get a players card. $4 off the dinner buffet should be reason enough. :p


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