Where does the time go?

It’s a little hard to believe November has rolled around. So much has gone on this year that it’s hard to keep track of it all. I’m sure it won’t let up, either, as the days leading to Christmas are always busy. As always, I’m thinking of what I can buy for people, but it seems every year that the holiday season becomes less and less exciting.

This Saturday marks another road meet. It’s a lot like the other meets I’ve been to this year, except I’ll be the one hosting. We’re planning to look at some of the Fort-to-Port project, including driving the portion which opened October 29. Then I’m planning to see some of the things closer to Fort Wayne proper. We usually have a great time discussing roads or really anything else which comes to mind.

I’m really digging Windows 7. I had pre-ordered the upgrade back in July so I could get it at a $50 price point, and so far it’s living up to some of the hype. I had no trouble at all with a clean install, and most of my applications load a little bit quicker than what they did with Vista, which I never felt was that bad (of course, I had gotten my laptop with Vista’s Service Pack 1 preinstalled). There may be a couple more programs I want to install, but I’m liking Windows Live Writer to make my LJ posts. (And I just realized the text editor shows my journal’s style. That’s just too damn cool!)

Something else I’m really digging is my high school football team’s first-ever playoff run. Despite the wind and the rain this past game, Bronson was able to hold on and beat a physical Addison team. They host Michigan Center this Friday night, and I’m expecting them to roll on to the regional. As I told the coach (one of my old teachers for what it’s worth), I’ll try to make as many games all the way to Ford Field. I suppose this run gives me a reason for some excitement.


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