Fort-to-Port meet notes

My set of pics from the meet have been uploaded.

It turned out to be wonderful weather-wise. There were eight of us total who took a spin on a stretch of US-24 that opened only nine days ago. We then ventured back via the old road to take SR 101 north to Scipio Road, which, despite the "fresh country air" as my dad likes to call it, took us to the Spencerville Covered Bridge. Going back by SR 1 back towards Fort Wayne, we saw the Dupont Road expansion project near the expanding Parkview North medical campus.

After a brief respite at Culver’s, we then proceeded down I-69 to the Airport Expressway, then took Paulding to Lafayette (US 27) and followed that downtown. We followed the 1915 routing of the Lincoln Highway out of downtown and then followed US-33 up to an old bridge over the Eel River. After that, we backtracked back to SR 930, which we followed back to the restaurant, where we parted ways.

Those keeping track of the spread of Clearview may want to know that the Fort-to-Port section didn’t have any, which we surmise was because the contract was let before ODOT’s adoption of Clearview. The interchanges are numbered, and we found OH 127 shields on a couple of the advance BGSes. (Dan will have to provide photos of those, as I only noticed one before I could get my camera ready.) We had a great time as always.


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