The job (and life) front

For almost an entire year, I’ve been trying to find another full-time position and have had little success. At least I’m able to work part-time where I am now, but being actively employed isn’t giving me the advantage I thought it might. For all the applications I’ve submitted, I’ve only gotten one phone interview. (There was also more of a seminar about selling life insurance, but that turned out to be a non-starter for me.) My coworkers and supervisor try to help, but nothing they’ve given has been a solid lead.

Through all of that, I’ve tried to stay positive, knowing that it wasn’t my fault certain contracts had to end. I still try to be sociable with friends, but I fear even those rare instances may have to be curtailed if the job prospects don’t improve soon and my unemployment expires. Suffice to say things will really feel gloomy should it come to that.

All I know is somehow I have to see myself through, because that’s what people say I should do. Of course, they never elaborate just how I’m supposed to do this if I suddenly no longer have the resources to see myself through, but they still say that nonetheless. It practically sounds insincere. I generally avoid trying to make such whimsical statements unless I know of a way to accomplish whatever the statement professes. But then the alternative is giving up, and that is something I absolutely refuse to do. It sure would leave an awful mess for whoever would have to clean it up.


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