The great LiveJournal import

If you managed to come upon my blog and noticed that posts from 2001 suddenly appeared, it is because I’ve just started the process of importing my LiveJournal posts. I plan to import them all so I can then delete my LJ account forever. But since WordPress’s tool can only make so many requests, this process will likely take a few days if not weeks based on when I can continue.

I was very fond of LiveJournal back in its heyday. It arguably has to have been the first “social media” site that I ever joined. It was also a great place to have a blog, and while I’ve enjoyed the conversations which have developed there, later social media sites have obviated LiveJournal’s utility. Some of those posts as you might see would be able to fit the limit of a tweet. I’ve made 3.6 times as many tweets in a shorter span than the number of LJ posts to date. And while I definitely plan to keep this blog for longer-form material, the quick posts are better kept to the social media sites. Still I marvel at the shell LiveJournal has become as the other social media sites gained wider acceptance. LiveJournal always had the potential to be more than it was, and somehow it just languished while others passed it by, and the communities it helped build shifted to other trendier places.

If there’s one thing I’ll miss about LiveJournal, it’ll have to be the friends that for one reason or another I’ve yet to find elsewhere (or I’ve found elsewhere merely to have them “disappear” again). Some of them have reassured me in times when my doubt was at its strongest, and I’d like to just be able to know they’re still alive and doing well even if conversations don’t develop. But I still think of them, and I won’t ever forget. And even though I’m leaving, I still taking my stuff with me.


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