Eleven days in, and I still feel how I did last year

It has always been said that new years are ripe for new beginnings. While that certainly seems to be the case for some people, I’m finding that I feel the way I did before 2014 turned over. The holidays were what they were. I kept trudging along with my life, the difference being I got to see some family on Christmas. Nothing really exciting at all happened. Of course, New Year’s Eve/Day was too boring to go into any detail.

Perhaps one of the things I’ll do more of this year is blog. After I got out of the habit of regularly posting to my LiveJournal, I’ve sometimes felt like I have expanded thoughts I wanted to get out that wouldn’t fit in the social media spaces. I want to review Sycamore Row at some point, but of course there’s that time issue and all the other thoughts that seem to swirl inside my head. Of course, the main thing is getting my work life back to a proper order and then hopefully I can fix the other things that need fixing. (My poor car will need some work, for example.)

If anything at all happens, I want this year to be the one where I finally turn the odds towards my favor. Even though I know it’s tough fighting against the rest of the world, I still believe I can win in it. I just have to figure out what winning means in this context.


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