Taking money from that state to the south is always fun!

Early Saturday morning, I decided to pay another visit to Hollywood Casino in Toledo. It gave me an opportunity to play some slot titles that aren’t at FireKeepers. This included the new Flintstones slot, which didn’t really have any large payouts despite all its hoopla (the show clips were top notch). But I think the biggest payouts I got were from a “Win It Again” title where I got a big line hit, then I was able to trigger the “Win It Again” feature three or four times. Suffice it to say, at 40 cents per spin, being able to hit for over $200 within 5-6 spins is never a bad thing. Then I hit a bonus on the first spin of a Bally game which (through a retrigger and a premium symbol hit with wild multipliers) amounted to $96 on a 50-cent bet. Before leaving, I sat down at a pai-gow table and left up $100 when they decided to change cards. Through all that, I ended up doubling the cash with which I entered.

Of all the casinos I’ve encountered, I have to say that Hollywood is one of the nicest designed in terms of its theme of 1930s film culture. If you even think about the floor’s layout, it could very well resemble a film reel. The only gripe I might have is that minimum table limits tend to be high (forget about finding a $5 table here), but the tables themselves are nicely designed with marble rails with built-in cupholders. I also have to like their house way of playing straights and flushes in pai-gow, which are ignored with a pair of tens or better with an ace top. (It allowed me to push my hand with a straight whereas more usual house rules would have resulted in a loss.)

Coming back to Michigan, I took the part of Ohio Route 2 that I hadn’t yet clinched and got to see two roadgeek-worthy things. The first was some goof OH 475 shields marking a detour for a closed ramp at I-475. The other was seeing a HAWK signal in the downtown area of the village of Delta. Much of the land is the same as seen from the nearby Ohio Turnpike, which is mainly flat farmland.

Overall, it was a relaxing spur-of-the-moment drive. The fact that I got some “Buckeye money” (as the guard at the casino put it) made it that much sweeter. I got to donate some of that for a spaghetti supper held for an anti-domestic violence charity, so it’s doing some good.


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