Trivial matters

Tomorrow for the second time since getting back into the swing of it, I play a Team Trivia state tournament. The last time our team went, we were only one point off of finishing in the money. I’ve been fortunate to be able to play with a solid team and know that sometimes I have an answer that my teammates do not for whichever reason. Tournament questions by their nature are designed to be trickier than normal, so we really rack our brains when we have to come up with an obscure first name of a scientist, for example. I would consider myself strongest in scientific categories, with a sports, U.S. geography and song lyrics close behind. (Sadly, when they specify “football,” it always refers to pigskin. There hardly are questions about the sport across the pond to my disappointment.) But most of all, we still have fun while being competitive.

I’m still looking to take another major roadtrip or two this year. While last weekend’s trip to Delavan (in order to attend a Madison roadmeet) was a pleasant getaway, by and large it covered no new territory for me (although many stretches of road were new to me). I’ve always wanted to visit Oklahoma City (a cousin lives neat there), and getting back to Minnesota has been something I’ve wanted since a jaunt into Duluth almost five years ago. I also want to get to a major concert, so perhaps I can combine the two if the right situation develops. Regardless, this summer has to be better than the last two when funds were obviously more limited. I’ve already considered the Incubus/Deftones show in Cincinnati. Are there any other big shows within a day’s drive of Southwest Michigan worth considering? (Damn, I never made that bucket list of bands I want to see, did I?)


2 thoughts on “Trivial matters

  1. I’m seeing Breaking Benjamin and Jane’s Addiction, but once again I’m missing Modest Mouse! They’re definitely on my summer concert bucket list… maybe someday!


    • Are you seeing Jane’s Addiction when they come to Common Ground? Because I’ll admit if I go this year, that would be the night best suited for me in terms of lineup.


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