Such an underwhelming May so far

I know this will come off as crass to some people, but I’m really having a hard time enjoying this month. I feel as if I’m still unwanted. I had thought going to Spring into the Arts this past Friday might cheer me up, but I ended up going with my mother and her friend. It’s not that they’re bad people, I guess I just expect to be able to do those kinds of things with my friends. I suppose that’s my fault for not trying to reach out to some of them, but once Mom got wind that I was going, she just had to come, too. It makes potentially meeting up with anyone else difficult, as Mom insists on meeting up with me whenever she comes to these art walks. At least she paid for her share of dinner after I had treated her on Mother’s Day.

Meanwhile, my father is enjoying retirement and I’ll get to see him the Sunday before Memorial Day. It’ll probably be the last time I get to see him before he and Vicki embark on their national tour in their Airstream. I’ll be honest and say that I sort of envy him that he gets to enjoy the sort of lifestyle sans house. I’m pretty certain Mom does, too. Whether I fly out somewhere to meet up remains to be seen, but we’ll have to see what opportunities develop.

I am looking forward to my trip to Charlotte in July. This lightens my mood somewhat, but there’s plenty of time that I’d like to spend hopefully with non-related friends. The only other big thing I have planned is a U.P. roadmeet trip Labor Day weekend, and based on who else is going, I should enjoy that immensely. The western part of the U.P. is by far my favorite area of my home state. In all, summer should be good. We just have to get through May, first.


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