I can’t be mad about the water

We had a new coworker come on Wednesday, and already he seems to be making a favorable impression on me in the brief times I’ve had to interact. Just a few minutes ago, he sincerely apologized for taking a couple bottles of my water. (Others generally have left nominal money to compensate.) But I didn’t really mind the transgression. We made an agreement, and hopefully he’ll feel like I wasn’t offended.

The above-mentioned blunder certainly couldn’t be as big as the one I saw in the Battle Creek Shopper News yesterday. They ran an ad for the upcoming Field of Flight, but unfortunately it was one for last year. I was told the publication will run the correct ad for no charge (a public apology having already been issued), but I can’t help but feel bad for all involved. It also serves as a reminder that the festival is fast approaching, with all the entertainment (both seen and behind the scenes) that it entails. I’ll be helping out my friends as I have for the past several years, so if you come, I’ll be around.

This weekend seems to be another ho-hum one. There are a couple different events I wouldn’t mind attending, but the weather doesn’t seem like it’ll be the best for either one of them. I’ll probably use the opportunity to see Jurassic World, although it’s not a film I absolutely need to see. I’ll always love Jurassic Park, The Lost World was merely ok, while I never had any desire to watch III. Perhaps the rainy weather will compel me to read the book I currently have faster. Frankly nothing else has for any of my books this year.


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