Under two weeks!

Somehow it’s still hasn’t sunken in that I’ll be on the road in less than two weeks. Chelsea play Paris Saint-Germain in an International Champions Cup friendly in Charlotte, NC, and I’m making a weekend of it. And while the festivities surrounding the game will be exciting, for me the drive down and back will be nearly as fun. I’ll get to go through Appalachia for the first time in nearly 27 years. And while I have a list of various sites I intend to hit while in Charlotte, I’m sure there are spots I’ll hit in between here and there (mostly on the return, as I’m taking plenty of time to get back). On the way down I’ll stay in Parkersburg, WV, and the return trip will have an overnight in Lexington, KY. The weekend will be full of events courtesy of Chelsea in America, but I’ll also look to sate my NASCAR fandom. I’m staying within walking distance of everything and parking the car for the weekend, so having a little too much shouldn’t be much of a problem. I’m going to Uptown Charlotte to party!

The Field of Flight went as well as I could expect. The weather was just right, although one of the nights I had to wear a fleece hoody. (Hoodies in July? What blashphemy!) Seeing the people who work with my best friends and me was a blast as always, and we’re thinking next year’s event I may get to go up in a balloon! It would be a first in the six or seven years I’ve helped my friends who build the site. It’s almost a year away, but that sort of thing will creep up again before I know it.

So far this summer has just hummed along. There are probably a couple festivals I’ll attend between now and Charlotte. And I still need to make sure I get the Friday before Labor Day off as that trip is now less than two months away. Summer will be gone before I know it.


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