Fighting a cold

Yesterday I developed a pretty good headcold. It wasn’t enough to keep me from work, but all the sneezing and blowing my nose was a little annoying. I sucked down some green tea with lemon at our trivia game last night. Today seems much better, as I seem to be on the mend.

For some reason, this month is turning out to be rather bland. The Charlotte trip seems like forever ago while my next big trip isn’t until Labor Day weekend. And while I did go to a festival in downtown Battle Creek last weekend, I couldn’t really feel excited about it. (While it featured burgers and beer and had free admission, I had no patience to wait in the food vendors’ lines.) The two music acts I saw were fine, but I wanted to catch the end of the Bristol race, so I left before the third act came on.

Chelsea are off to a tepid start, as I knew this season was likely going to be tougher than the last one. Trying to keep track of the transfer news is dizzying in itself (Player X is not for sale, but then maybe he is, etc.) I’m just hoping the rust shakes off and we can be contenders in all the competitions this year. I hope to make it to Chicago more often (just became a CIA member this year), and perhaps I can think about starting a chapter closer to home (but I don’t yet have the time and commitment to make such a venture). It’ll be fun regardless.


2 thoughts on “Fighting a cold

  1. Starting a local chapter is time-consuming, but also extremely rewarding. If you decide to start one, find a co-manager right away to share the workload.
    Hope you continue to feel better!


    • One of these days, I want to discuss the idea with my own chapter head (since I am a member of Chicago Blues) just to get his opinion. I had hoped to meet the head of CIA in Charlotte, but the nature of events there obviously prevented a serious discussion.

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