Autumn plans are shaping up nicely

I always say that autumn is my favorite season of the year. The humidity of summer has largely gone away, the leaves show their magnificent hues, and it’s the time I came into this world. It’s the last gasp of sanity before winter and the dreaded holiday rush come. So it is with great excitement that I have a couple trips planned for November.

The first trip involves a weekend in Des Moines with my Chicago Blues. It’ll be my first trip back to Iowa since spending the night in Dyersville after attending National Mustard Day in 2011. Considering I haven’t had a chance to watch a game with them this season, making this trip is as good as time as any and meeting fellow Blues supporters in Iowa should be fun. I’ll get to explore a new city and experience new areas. It will most likely the last non-family trip I make for the year.

That means the second of the two trips will involve family. This trip will not involve new areas, since it will mirror one I took last Thanksgiving. I’ll be going with my mom to my aunt’s place in Crestwood, KY. It’s always fun to get away for several days, and I enjoy seeing the relatives in that area, but it really won’t be anything I haven’t already done. Still, it’ll get me a chance to see how far the Louisville bridge projects have come since last year, and hopefully I’ll actually get to watch a Chelsea game at Molly Malone’s. (Last year’s attempt was foiled by the local NBC affiliate’s preemption for a syndicated ACC football game. I checked the schedule and that definitely would not happen the weekend I’m there.)

Finally, I have to say that it’s awesome how the Cubs have made it to the NLCS. I think they can match up well with any of the other teams remaining in the postseason, and dispatching the dreaded arch-rival St. Louis Cardinals was a big milestone. I’m still trying to hold a realistic view, but this season could turn out to be very special indeed. That weekend trip to Des Moines could be celebrating more than just a Chelsea game at Stoke, if you catch my meaning.


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