Is spring really coming already?

I guess it’s been a while since I updated things here. My state had its say in the presidential primary circus this past Tuesday, and while my choice of Ted Cruz wasn’t the victor, there were a lot of interesting takeaways from both races. Granted, there are some things I disagree with Cruz, but I’m not enthused with the other choices, especially Trump. I have vowed to vote Libertarian should the race be Trump v. either Democrat, because none of them should be elected. Unless I’m asked privately, this will probably be all I say on the matter.

In slightly less depressing matters, Chelsea aren’t as in dire straits as they once were, but having only the FA Cup left to possibly win certainly isn’t as exciting as last year. Leicester’s my sentimental favorite to win the league because I certainly don’t want any of the others in the top 5. (Although should West Ham make an unfathomable run to the top, that’s infinitely preferable to either North London side or Man City.)

The next big trip I have planned is to York, PA, in April. A group of us will check out some of the road projects in the area, and as always, the fellowship should be fun. If I think to remember, I may even post a trip report. The drive should be great, unless we get one of those rare April snowstorms. But then I suppose an April snowstorm is infinitely preferable to a Trump presidency or a Spurs title.


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